MAGMA MAGAZINE 04, October 2023.

The magazine is produced and edited by Vincent Moro and Aurora Giampaoli, who, for this special double issue dedicated to the theme of ‘Alienation,’ are also the authors of all the content. Vincent and Aurora have indeed decided to explore the chosen theme without involving external contributors, seeking to individually, intimately, and personally delve into the essence of the alienating condition.

“Alienation, as a pervasive sense of detachment, is the focus of this issue, whose composition is deliberately inspired by my reluctance to position myself within the current cultural, political, and media landscape. This refusal, while on one hand may represent a transitory phase of personal maturation, on the other fuels a growing sense of disorientation and the need to escape from a system that seems more interested in polarizing than connecting.
The condition of estrangement translates, in these pages, into a quest for deep connections beyond the superficial interactions of everyday life and an unrestrained desire to escape towards alternative, both physical and metaphysical, spaces. A cosmic journey that unfolds as an immersive exploration of the inner landscape, where escape is not merely an act of distrust but rather an attempt to preserve one’s integrity”.

– Aurora Giampaoli