Magma 5 has landed

Magma Cinque is finally here! The second part of a special double issue dedicated to the theme of ‘Alienation’, with Vincent Moro as the sole author of all the contents. This autobiographical and intimate issue of the magazine unfolds as a journey through turbulent routes that revisit past shipwrecks and sterile daily routines, revealing an existence seemingly out-of-control and inexorably elusive. Fading past lives, bittersweet family memories, lonely journeys with no return, sweaty nightmares and lucid dreams, dull daily routines like mousetraps scattered along endless deserts of jagged rocks that you can’t hold on to, but which are just fine as ballast to drag you down.

Together with the previous issue of the magazine, Magma Cinque completes this beefy two-part publication, where authors Vincent Moro and Aurora Giampaoli explore the condition of ‘Alienation’ from two different yet somehow similar perspectives.