MAGMA MAGAZINE 05, October 2023.

The magazine is produced and edited by Vincent Moro and Aurora Giampaoli, who, for this special double issue dedicated to the theme of ‘Alienation,’ are also the authors of all the content. Vincent and Aurora have indeed decided to explore the chosen theme without involving external contributors, seeking to individually, intimately, and personally delve into the essence of the alienating condition.

“Did I build this ship to wreck? Am I alive or am I dead? I see the faces of the passengers before me, I recognize my alienation in them. Multitudes of loneliness, we all look the same when we disappear: empty spaces and fading memories. Thus vanishes the whole empire of dirt we have all built.
We mechanically retrace the paths mapped out in the lives of those who generated us; we cast their shadows, not our own.
We replicate useless routines, day after day, until there is no time left. First we become asynchronous with reality, then we become detached from it. Shielded behind the screen of our devices we restlessly wander through our beloved infinite deserts, In the vain pursuit of ourselves.”

– Vincent Moro