Magma Sette Open Call

Magma issue number 7, due out in June, will have “Politics” as its central theme. This includes projects that address the topic of Politics from both philosophical/social and practical/administrative perspectives. We are particularly interested in images that portray/present the embodiments of political power, that reveal/illustrate the dynamics underlying the processes by which government is exercised, by which public life is administered/directed, as well as the relationships between politicians, parties, and the electoral body, between the governed and the governed. We are also particularly interested in images depicting political movements, political opposition, political protests, the public exercise of citizens’ political rights, such as voting, and images that address political issues in general.

If you are a Photographer, Graphic Designer, Illustrator or Mixed Media Artist and you’d like to submit your best politically charged works to be featured in Magma 7, please get in touch; we look forward to seeing your work!